The most diverse animals, completely filled savannah, stopped at the foot of the mountain waiting for the great moment when she will present the future king – little lion cub. Among living creatures appear strange looking monkey and boldly goes to the great lion king tour dates for 2016 of the savannah. Shaking hands with the king and took the little cub, it is suitable to the edge of the cliff, so that, stretching his arms to show the audience all the things for which they had come, to show the future King – The Lion King. Zebras, kneeling, neighing, the elephants raised their trunks up, monkey, whooping with joy, clapped. Mad joy swept one and all. Elton John, playing the role of the composer, makes the sound louder, glowing atmosphere of general euphoria. So begins “The Lion Kingevent show” – the undisputed masterpiece of the studio “Disney”.
The “Lion King” is no place for people, absolutely all the action is on behalf of the lions, hyenas, birds, wild boars and other animals. But hardly anywhere you can find animals and birds, more strongly embody the people. At its core, “The Lion King” movie is not about animals, this is a film about people, dressed in animals. And villainous lion Scar, and the little lion cub Simba and his father – they all represent the most remarkable person known masks. And villainous guise of good-natured, simple-minded and cunning, creative and adoring laziness. In his “Lion King” Wizard Disney cartoon reached perfection, showing kids small animals, while skillfully hiding under their shaggy and power to see people’s joys and sorrows.
“The Lion King” was very difficult for the “Disney”. His work has left a lot of time and effort. Hundreds of people are animated, invented and painted animals, and some even have been instructed to go to Africa, to become familiar with their habits and way of life. And just to the audience I was satisfied and grateful. Presented his creation June 15, 1994, zealous disneevtsy were rewarded in full. “The Lion King” has brought to owners of very large cash and 16 different awards, including the traditional “Oscars” in the music categories.
To date, many critics agree that “The Lion King” the most perfect Disney cartoon. Cash fees and spectator love also confirm this. I, in turn, totally agree with both the critics and with other viewers, putting it in the pantheon of great movie disnevskoy animation. Now one can hardly find a person who is not staring “Lion King”, but if you are and syschutsya, then I can only recommend them as quickly as possible to get acquainted with this film. It is a masterpiece.

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